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Happy Release Day to Me, Moth. You, Flame!

Today is the official release day for “Me, Moth. You, Flame.”!

_Me, Moth. You, Flame._

“Me, Moth. You, Flame.” is available in eBook and paperback formats! It is also free to read for those who have Kindle Unlimited!

Thank you to everyone who has followed along on my journey to authorship! I must now change the header of my blog, as of today, I am a published author! Now to continue NaNoWriMo prep! “Where You Belong” will be published 2019!

Which still feels weird to say. That aside links to stuff below!

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Official NaNoWriMo project!

It took me quite a while to narrow down my ideas, however with a borrowed ear and some time, this story beat out the others. Titled “Where You Belong” is a story about twins Margot and Lena. Growing up with a strict mother and father who treated their family like a revolving door, Margot decides to follow the rules. Getting into private schools to appease their mother and later on taking on the ivy leagues. Whereas Lena took the rebel, misunderstood route. Falling in with the wrong crowd, but momentarily seeming to clean up her act when she falls in love and gets married.

Sadly, happy times don’t last forever. Ten years flash by and Margot finds herself in a pleasant place between her life and career. On the verge of an engagement and promotion, Margot feels on top of the world. Until one night Lena shows up on her doorstep. This time is different. She has a daughter, a daughter she wants Margot to adopt.

With no option but to step up and be the person Lena needs her to be, will Margot crack under all the pressure? Will her plans come to a grinding halt? When the dust finally settles, will Margot finally realize that conventional is overrated?

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While this is still very much a work in progress, I am very excited to post sneak peeks about it!

Happy Writing!

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MMYF is available for Pre-Ordering!

_Me, Moth. You, Flame._

“Me, Moth. You, Flame.” is now available for pre-order for the Ebook version!

Since I am still learning, I am also hosting a giveaway for anyone who pre-orders, which will run through October 15th! As the official publishing day is October 16th!

The Giveaway will post later today, but will be a goodie bag full of all the things that remind me of “Me, Moth. You, Flame.”

Currently, ebook and paperback formats will only be available through Amazon, but in time will expand over to Google Books as well. I still can’t believe this day is here already, but it is! I put a lot of myself into this book and if you find you do enjoy it and are wanting more, the second book will be published in 2019! But don’t let me get ahead of myself. My mantra at the moment is “One thing at a time”. So that’s the plan.

Rambles aside,

Here is the Amazon link to pre-order if you so wish & this will also be linked in my blog’s menu above!

And keep an eye out because later today I’ll be posting giveaway details!

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I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! It’s basically pre-Friday…right?


Fanfiction Hiatus

If you know me whether it be in the fandom I am in or in person, you know that I 1) love to write, especially fanfiction and 2) am totally that comma happy person.

While I love fanfiction, I definitely feel like my fiction suffers because my attention is focused heavily elsewhere. I have so many ideas and such, but they get lost or transferred to my fanfiction.

I started writing fanfiction as a way to not only get ideas out of my head but also as a way to get some stress relief. I could channel my bad day into a piece of fanfiction and feel better. So dialing it back feels weird, but it is a necessary evil.

But! It is not all sadness, taking a step back from my fanfiction means that fans of my fiction, get more! More free and treat pieces on my Ko-Fi! More goodies from ‘Me, Moth. You, Flame’ as well as sneak peeks into upcoming novels and November’s Nanowrimo!

So here’s to looking at the glass half full, instead of half empty!


Final Edits done!

My final edits for “Me, Moth. You, Flame.” Is finally finished!

My book will publish not only on Amazon but also on Google Books! I’ll be buying my isbn’s this weekend and will be uploading my manuscript soon. A giveaway contest will be held on my IG (@writingwithpaws) for a free ebook copy!

That aside, it’s time to start celebrating soon. A big shout-out to everyone who has been with me on this crazy journey.

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Me, Moth. You, Flame. – Back Cover Blurb!

I am getting down to the final details of my first book! I am super excited for it, as I have the final three chapters to write before it goes out to my wonderful beta readers and then, one final revision before it publishes, October 2018!

As a thank you to everyone, I’m posting my official blurb today! Cover reveal to come soon, however, you can check out some cool mock ups I had done on my Instagram!


Let me know what you think! Does this sound like a book you’d read?