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52 Weeks, 52 Short Stories

I’m referring to this as “A Year of Creativity”

On my Patreon, I’ll be posting a short story each week. Following these prompts. Some will be tier only pieces and others will be tier free! I’m really excited about these, mainly because I think it’ll be another great way to flex my creative muscle.

If you find any of these inspiring, I welcome you to join in on me in writing these prompts throughout the year! This is another goal and I hope I can stick to it, but I am okay with missing a week and fulfilling that prompt the following week.

Here’s to a creative and productive 2019!

[Link to Prompt list on Tumblr]


Ringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

A bit of a repeat of my Patreon post. Some posts will be uploaded to my Patreon first for “exclusive access” and then posted here a few days to a week later. So without further ado, here we go!

To be completely honest, I’ve been hiding from the internet. I’ve been such a “Down in the dumps Donna” (Is that a thing? Like Negative Nancy?)  so due to my anxiety and all the things in general feeling like they were crumbling around me, I think I just needed a moment to get out of my head. 

To stop thinking about posting and writing and making connections for a second, to just breathe. Now that I’ve gotten to take a breathe, its back to business and I have some long awaited updates for you all!

First let’s rewind back to about 2012 when I first started really making New Year’s resolutions. Yes, I was that girl who would post “New Year, New Me!!!!” and then nothing would change. I have slowly, over the years, tried to make my resolutions more reasonable, like “Just workout twice a week! Just twice!” with still no progress. 

But then again, did I really know myself as well as I do now? No. Not at all.

So looking back, I set myself up for failure. I didn’t think things through, I simply thought of something I wanted to do and then tried to force myself to do it. The end result, after six years of trying the same strategy? 

Nada. Nothing. Rien.

This year, is the first year that I’ve actually thought out my goals and resolutions beforehand. I’ve begun making smaller goals throughout this year, mainly writing related, but for the most part has been easier for me to handle. 

Which is why, that is exactly how I’ll be making my New Year’s Resolutions! In small bursts, rewarding myself more often and trying not to run myself ragged by not reaching completely unattainable goals. So what are my goals? 

Here you go!

  • Write everyday. Whether its 5 minutes or 5 hours, get creative! This isn’t about “getting the words down”. This is about forming cohesive thoughts and adding more to my stories.
  • Workout to feel better. No time limit. No days of the week. Just moving my body in ways that make it feel good. To lose the extra weight that I gained and to feel better overall. Not for vanity, but for health.
  • Last but not least. Learn to trust myself. It’s no secret I have trust issues. There are plenty of things I’ll spill the tea about in my own life, but there are also things that I don’t even let myself think about. It’s time to change that, I’ll never fully trust anyone else if I can’t even trust myself, right?

That’s it!

I find these goals attainable for myself because they are so broad. Workout to feel better. Write everyday. Learn, grow and heal. Things that take time and I’ve removed any and all restrictions because I know myself. If I try to make myself do something, I simply won’t. 

With these goals, I will still post monthly goals on my Author IG account! If you want to check out past ones, you can find them here.

Before I end this post, I also wanted to drop some updates for you all!

  • First, a giant thank you. I know I’ve been a bit MIA during the holidays and I apologize.
  • Second, you can expect my first Authortube video to upload Thursday, January 3rd to my Patreon and Saturday, January 5th to my YouTube channel! This video will be an intro video where I’ll talk a bit more about myself, my writing, my process, etc. I’ll also talk about books I’m reading and share my thoughts from time to time! I’ll also include my posting schedule so you can know what to expect!
  • Lastly my beta readers can expect “Wicked Little Lies” to begin posting this month and I will be looking for ARC readers around February if all goes according to plan. “Wicked Little Lies” will also be my first (hopefully) three book series! I have come to love Maeve and Margot and their dysfunctional little family so much, that I don’t want to stop meddling with them.

So there you have it! Quite a bit of information, but I want to make sure I haven’t left anything out and that I let everyone in on what I’ve planned for this upcoming month! I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year’s! I’ll see you again soon.

My Fiction

The Early Years – Miles & Casey

This is the first in a series called “The Early Years”. Miles and Casey are OC main characters from my upcoming book “Me, Moth. You, Flame.”

This is also free to read on my Ko-Fi! It’s treat free!


The leaves begin to change in the small town of Whaling Cove. Each year, Autumn came and went as though it were simply visiting for the weekend. Much to Casey’s dismay. Each year, Whaling Cove turned their beloved boardwalk, into an Autumn Festival right before all the vendors closed down for winter. This year, while she and Miles celebrated their second anniversary, Casey had convinced him to take her to the festival.

“So we played games…” Miles tilts his head at Casey  “You knight in shining armor won your stuffed animals…”

“And now we get you cotton candy.” Casey chuckles softly, tugging Miles towards a small cart at the end of the boardwalk.

Miles laughs along, both of them picking up speed as they dart in between people, Casey looking back to smirk at Miles as they continue towards the cart.

“Two candy corns please” Casey grins at the older man standing behind the cart. “Hm…and a pumpkin cookie please.”

The man nods, handing Casey two fairly large bags of cotton candy and a smaller, wrapped cookie in the shape of a pumpkin with orange icing.

“Thanks man,” Miles says as he hands the older man money.

Casey hands Miles on of the bags of candy corn, tucking the other into her purse as they open their bags and lace their fingers together. Casey momentarily resting her head on Miles’s shoulder as they walk back down the opposite way of the boardwalk.

“Can you believe we’ve been together for two years?” Casey asks, turning her head to look at Miles

“I can but I also can’t. High school is over in less than a year.” Miles grins playfully as he tosses a candy corn in his mouth, nearly dropping the bag “You’re gonna go off to college and do great things, while I hang out here. Hoping my band gets signed before they all give up on the dream too…”

“You all are going to get scouted” Casey smiles before raising her arm in the air “You all are fantastic!”

Miles stops walking, tugging Casey into his arms as he presses his lips to hers. Both of them smiling into the kiss as people around them smile. Miles and Casey had been an item since the homecoming dance their Sophomore year. Both had big dreams. Miles hoping his band would finally get their big break, while Casey dreams of dorm rooms and studying Journalism.

Despite both of their dreams pulling them in separate directions, neither seemed to mind much.

“I love you” Casey whispers, pulling back slightly from the kiss.

“I love you too…pumpkin,” Miles says, his lips quivering before he finally gives in and breaks out into a fit of laughter.

“Cheeky” Casey chuckles as they resume walking

They make it down to the end of the boardwalk, the bottom of their shoes tapping on the cement as Miles walks Casey back to her house just a few blocks away. As they round the corner, they spot Cleo dancing on the front porch. Cleo is five years younger than Casey and the best dancer in the seventh grade.

“Don’t kiss in front of me!” Cleo yells out, before bursting out into a fit of giggles

“Kiss me now or she’s gonna make a scene” Casey chuckles

Miles smirks, pulling Casey off of the sidewalk as he leans against a tree. He drops his bag of candy corn on the grass covered in orange and red leaves. His hands cup her cheeks, a couple of his fingers sticky, leaving behind a sugary residue on Casey’s cheek.

“On second thought…it would’ve been funny to just freak her out too” Casey smiles, playfully tousling Miles’s hair before she takes off running

“Hey! You have my candy corn!” Miles laughs as he calls out to her

“Not if Cleo eats it first! You both are gross!” Casey laughs loudly as she runs up onto her porch, joining Cleo in her dance as the music plays.

Miles runs a hand through his hair and lets out a soft laugh. He picks his bag of candy corn up off of the ground, picking off a leaf as he tucks it into his back pocket, before jogging over to Casey’s and hanging out with them for the rest of the night.


Fanfiction Hiatus

If you know me whether it be in the fandom I am in or in person, you know that I 1) love to write, especially fanfiction and 2) am totally that comma happy person.

While I love fanfiction, I definitely feel like my fiction suffers because my attention is focused heavily elsewhere. I have so many ideas and such, but they get lost or transferred to my fanfiction.

I started writing fanfiction as a way to not only get ideas out of my head but also as a way to get some stress relief. I could channel my bad day into a piece of fanfiction and feel better. So dialing it back feels weird, but it is a necessary evil.

But! It is not all sadness, taking a step back from my fanfiction means that fans of my fiction, get more! More free and treat pieces on my Ko-Fi! More goodies from ‘Me, Moth. You, Flame’ as well as sneak peeks into upcoming novels and November’s Nanowrimo!

So here’s to looking at the glass half full, instead of half empty!