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Chapter One of 2019 – Done

How has this first week gone by so fast?

Good Morning!

I should really slow my roll, its barely 8 am here and I’m all ready to close what is the first week of 2019! I’m not sure what today will bring. I know that I want to get some writing done tonight, but otherwise I have met my exercise goal for the day, so cheers!

While I haven’t exercised everyday this week, I did twice. Which for me is a feat. Since I used to workout zero days in the week. While I hope to slowly improve this, I am over the moon that I am actually sticking to a semi plan and getting off my butt!

I’ve been getting a bit of writing done everyday too! I’ve completed two more chapters this week for “Wicked Little Lies” as well as having almost finished my first short stories for the “52 Prompts, 52 Weeks” Challenge.

While things still have been a bit rough and up in the air in my life, I refuse to let my anxiety get the better of me and think negatively. Or hide away in bed and act like my goals will magically achieve themselves just because I am sad.

So here’s to a positive and fulfilling year! I am really anxious to start my AuthorTube channel, its been a whirlwind and the whole recording myself is a whole new level of awkward sometimes. As soon as I get past that, I hope to see you on my AuthorTube!

So that was my first week, how was your first week of 2019? I feel like the start is always so much easier when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Whatever you made yours, I hope you fulfill them!

(And if not, don’t sweat. It took me like three years to finally start working out)

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“Allergic to Mistletoe” a Holiday Romance about…forgetting?


Hello, lovelies!

I am super excited because in exactly a week “Allergic to Mistletoe” will be released into the world!


As terrifying and exciting as it is, I want to dive a little bit more into what this Holiday Romance entails and what exactly “forgetting” has to do with it.

This story follows Luca and Opal, college sweethearts now married who have traveled the world and somehow fallen in love with a tiny mountainside town. They buy a house and settle in, making friends and continuing to get some work done, or lack thereof. On Thanksgiving, their boneheaded friend and neighbor, Nick, convinces Luca that it’d be a good idea to deep fry their turkey. Opal is not having it as she cooks the turkey every year but gives in for Luca.

And then things take a turn, Luca falls and manages to give himself a head injury. Opal rushes him to the hospital and by the time Luca has woken up, he’s forgotten all about the seven colorful and love filled years he’s spent with Opal. He suddenly no longer looks at her as though she is the love of his life and Opal has to decide whether or not she can help him navigate such sharp waters back to the present. 

What follows is a slow burn retelling of the past and someone hoping to change the future, through past mistakes. 

Want to know more? Find out on December 18th!

“Allergic to Mistletoe” will also be available in eBook and Paperback formats through Amazon. As always, if you do read the story and enjoyed it, please leave me some feedback! If you’d read my debut Novella “Me, Moth. You, Flame.” drop me some stars on Amazon or Goodreads!

That aside, I also wanted to mention that I will be holding an Instagram only giveaway this upcoming weekend. I am still working out the details, but will run from Saturday the 15th until Monday the 17th, with the winner(s) announced! Winner(s) will receive a free copy of “Allergic to Mistletoe, in either eBook or Paperback form, winner(s) choice.

That’s about all the news I currently have for you, I hope with everyone a Happy Holiday’s! See you soon!



IG Handle Name Change!


Hey everyone!

While my blog will still remain ‘Writing with Paws’ I have decided to sort of, revamp, my Author IG. I post there a lot and it is the main platform I use for promoting my work outside of here on my blog and occasionally on Facebook.

So now, I can be found at @authorcveliz on IG.

Just wanted to give anyone who may notice a heads up! Have a lovely weekend!

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MMYF is available for Pre-Ordering!

_Me, Moth. You, Flame._

“Me, Moth. You, Flame.” is now available for pre-order for the Ebook version!

Since I am still learning, I am also hosting a giveaway for anyone who pre-orders, which will run through October 15th! As the official publishing day is October 16th!

The Giveaway will post later today, but will be a goodie bag full of all the things that remind me of “Me, Moth. You, Flame.”

Currently, ebook and paperback formats will only be available through Amazon, but in time will expand over to Google Books as well. I still can’t believe this day is here already, but it is! I put a lot of myself into this book and if you find you do enjoy it and are wanting more, the second book will be published in 2019! But don’t let me get ahead of myself. My mantra at the moment is “One thing at a time”. So that’s the plan.

Rambles aside,

Here is the Amazon link to pre-order if you so wish & this will also be linked in my blog’s menu above!

And keep an eye out because later today I’ll be posting giveaway details!

In the meantime, subscribe so you don’t miss anything?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! It’s basically pre-Friday…right?


Fanfiction Hiatus

If you know me whether it be in the fandom I am in or in person, you know that I 1) love to write, especially fanfiction and 2) am totally that comma happy person.

While I love fanfiction, I definitely feel like my fiction suffers because my attention is focused heavily elsewhere. I have so many ideas and such, but they get lost or transferred to my fanfiction.

I started writing fanfiction as a way to not only get ideas out of my head but also as a way to get some stress relief. I could channel my bad day into a piece of fanfiction and feel better. So dialing it back feels weird, but it is a necessary evil.

But! It is not all sadness, taking a step back from my fanfiction means that fans of my fiction, get more! More free and treat pieces on my Ko-Fi! More goodies from ‘Me, Moth. You, Flame’ as well as sneak peeks into upcoming novels and November’s Nanowrimo!

So here’s to looking at the glass half full, instead of half empty!


Final Edits done!

My final edits for “Me, Moth. You, Flame.” Is finally finished!

My book will publish not only on Amazon but also on Google Books! I’ll be buying my isbn’s this weekend and will be uploading my manuscript soon. A giveaway contest will be held on my IG (@writingwithpaws) for a free ebook copy!

That aside, it’s time to start celebrating soon. A big shout-out to everyone who has been with me on this crazy journey.


Procrastination at its finest.

Kinda weird, but I’m still here! I feel like I’ve dropped the ball and now it’s time to get back into my schedule!

“Me, Moth. You, Flame.” Is set to publish in less than a month! With that being said, I’m looking forward to sharing snippets of that book as well as sharing my plans for its sequel and a romance nib feel I am currently in the midst of drafting. So if you’re still here, thank you and if you’ve just joined the party, then yoh have fantastic timing!

Here’s to a festive and productive autumn season. Here’s a picture of my cat, Ziggy. See you soon!