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Chapter One of 2019 – Done

How has this first week gone by so fast?

Good Morning!

I should really slow my roll, its barely 8 am here and I’m all ready to close what is the first week of 2019! I’m not sure what today will bring. I know that I want to get some writing done tonight, but otherwise I have met my exercise goal for the day, so cheers!

While I haven’t exercised everyday this week, I did twice. Which for me is a feat. Since I used to workout zero days in the week. While I hope to slowly improve this, I am over the moon that I am actually sticking to a semi plan and getting off my butt!

I’ve been getting a bit of writing done everyday too! I’ve completed two more chapters this week for “Wicked Little Lies” as well as having almost finished my first short stories for the “52 Prompts, 52 Weeks” Challenge.

While things still have been a bit rough and up in the air in my life, I refuse to let my anxiety get the better of me and think negatively. Or hide away in bed and act like my goals will magically achieve themselves just because I am sad.

So here’s to a positive and fulfilling year! I am really anxious to start my AuthorTube channel, its been a whirlwind and the whole recording myself is a whole new level of awkward sometimes. As soon as I get past that, I hope to see you on my AuthorTube!

So that was my first week, how was your first week of 2019? I feel like the start is always so much easier when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Whatever you made yours, I hope you fulfill them!

(And if not, don’t sweat. It took me like three years to finally start working out)


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