Fanfiction Hiatus

If you know me whether it be in the fandom I am in or in person, you know that I 1) love to write, especially fanfiction and 2) am totally that comma happy person.

While I love fanfiction, I definitely feel like my fiction suffers because my attention is focused heavily elsewhere. I have so many ideas and such, but they get lost or transferred to my fanfiction.

I started writing fanfiction as a way to not only get ideas out of my head but also as a way to get some stress relief. I could channel my bad day into a piece of fanfiction and feel better. So dialing it back feels weird, but it is a necessary evil.

But! It is not all sadness, taking a step back from my fanfiction means that fans of my fiction, get more! More free and treat pieces on my Ko-Fi! More goodies from ‘Me, Moth. You, Flame’ as well as sneak peeks into upcoming novels and November’s Nanowrimo!

So here’s to looking at the glass half full, instead of half empty!


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